Therapy and Counseling for the Child, Teen, and Adult in Shoreline, WA

DUVS can help you, your children and your adolescents reach their full potential:

  • Discover and Enhance Your Self Esteem
  • Identify, Express and Cope with Your Feelings
  • Improve Problem Solving Skills
  • Increase Decision Making Ability
  • Resolve Dilemmas of Family Life
  • Foster Better Communication Skills
  • Develop Impulse Control and Control Your Anger

Invest in Yourself, your Child, and your Family! I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who provides individual counseling, group counseling, play therapy, case management and advocacy. My specialties include: Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity, Aspergers syndrome, Depression, Anxiety, Academic Issues, Anger Management, Eating Disorders, Abuse, Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors, Self Harm, Poor Interpersonal Relationships, Self Image, Grief and Loss due to Separation, Divorce, and Death